Youth for Christ Australia

Youth for Christ

Youth for Christ spread to Australia in the late 1940s and found many ways to express its love and concern for our young people. The earliest work included large rallies and camps, and more recently, has taken the form of hip hop dancing, high school seminars, adventure camps and juvenile justice support. Working with full-time, part-time and volunteer staff, YFC has constantly sought new and exciting ways to bring Christ’s compassion and grace to the next generation.

On 18 August 1995, Youth for Christ Australia was formally incorporated. The new incorporated structure was put in place with all YFC branches across Australia coming under the one banner of Youth for Christ Australia.

There are currently 11 YFC branches around Australia and a National Resource Centre based in Melbourne, Victoria. Over 100 staff around the country and over 1300 volunteers are committed to reaching every young person. New ministry opportunities are currently being explored in the Port Macquarie – Hastings area and Southern Tasmania.


Phone:  (03) 9807 4111
Address: 13 Windsor AVenue, MT WAVERLEY  VIC  3149