Who can save us?

Who can save us! Of course the answer, as any Sunday school student can tell you, is Jesus.
But who can save Australia from the slippery slope to a socialist, humanist society, devoid of any reference to God, the bible, righteousness and even Morality. The labour party is being pushed further & further to the left by their un official partners the Greens and the coalition has become dominated by secular humanist who are more concerned with “political correctness” than defending the very values that first established their party; Christian values that have served this nation so well for so long.

Pray for Unity

Several recent studies have shown that almost 20% of Australians go to church once a month or more. That’s almost 3 million church going voters. Of course, not all are Christians but we certainly make up the majority. If we church going voters all got together to vote as a block, we would have unprecedented power to shape future legislation. We could replace the secular humanist Greens with the balance of power in the Senate and even win some lower house seats.

What would this mean? It would mean we could have a voice at the table when future legislation is discussed, representing the foundational values of Family and traditional marriage: defending the institution of marriage as one man, one women for life to the exclusion of others, and supporting families
Free speech: ensuring our preachers and teachers could speak the whole truth without fear of prosecution by some minority sect or activist group.

Freedom of association: allowing our Christian schools and ministries to employ people of compatible values and life styles .

Freedom of belief: protecting the right of every individual to subscribe to the faith or their choice or none if they prefer.

Protection of the innocents and the vulnerable: Looking after the rights of those who have no voice.
There is no other collective group in Australia with the numbers to make this kind of difference; to have this much impact. If we can unify under a single banner and start “singing from the same hymn sheet” then we will be able to protect those Christian values that so many take for granted.

There is no other way!

Jesus died to save us, now we can live and work to save Australia!

Ray Moran