Subiaco Church of Christ

Our Values

Subiaco Church

God-centered Living:
We believe each person is called to be a whole-hearted follower of Christ, and in so doing, one comes to experience life as God intends.

We believe unchurched people matter to God and as a result, we endeavor to be a safe place for all to seek a greater understanding of God and His truth.

Grace-filled Lives:
We believe the grace of God permeates our lives and is reflected in our loving-kindness, forgiveness, and acceptance of one another.

Accountable Stewardship:
We believe that true followership of Christ is evidenced in the responsible management of one’s time, money, and energy.

Authentic Community:
We believe that from diverse backgrounds, God unites us in community to share our joys, struggles, and pain as we assist one another in the journey of knowing God.

Ph: (08) 9388 1030
Address: 260 Bagot Road Subiaco WA 6008