Providence not ‘Coincidence’ – 1 Kings 8:5

“Just as Gehazi was telling the king how Elisha had restored the dead to life, the woman whose son Elisha had brought back to life came to beg the king for her house and land” (1 Kings 8:5).

Look for God's Spirit

The Collins Mini Thesaurus states providence as “destiny, divine intervention, fate, fortune, God’s will, predestination”. It is an old word that seems to slip further and further from modern vocabulary. Sadly it is replaced with coincidence. Yet coincidence says nothing of God’s involvement. Rather, it points to chance and our thinking merges with secular society and the atheist paradigm. We become blind to God’s interaction in our lives, even when He is acting.

In this passage it shows that what appears to be coincidence is in actuality providence. God ensures that as the witness is given about Elisha working a miracle, that the actual person the miracle was performed for walks into the King’s court at that precise moment! She had been out of the country for seven years. What are the chances that she would return to her country and on visiting the king’s court to beg for mercy she would find she was the topic of conversation! The odds are impossible. And thus the God to whom all things are possible then acts. To show HIS hand and help the woman in her cause.

Not long ago I had given a message at a church, generally about  God interacting in our lives. Afterwards a young lady enthusiastically wanted to join Street Chaplains, a ministry I am involved in. I gave her the Director’s number for her to contact. On returning home I emailed the Street Chaplain Director and informed him of the young lady and left it at that.

A week later I was in a suburban shopping centre. Leaving a store I noticed the Street Chaplain Director standing beside a coffee shop.  As I walked  toward him I spotted the young lady that had wanted to be a Street Chaplain. The two were standing about twenty feet apart  waiting to meet each other (they had never met before).  I  walked inbetween, smiled and pointed to each of them. The Director was on his mobile about to call her!

I shook their hands and walked off awed by God’s timing! What are the odds of something like this happening? The mediator who would bring these people together would be walking past at the exact moment of their meeting. A week later at the opposite side of the city.  Do the math. The equation would be startling.

Providence – not Coincidence. Look for it and you will be amazed at how often God is acting in your life.