Pray Continually – 1 Thess 5:16-18

Be joyful always; pray continually; give thanks in all circumstances, for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus‘ (1 Thess 5:16-18).

Pray for peace and Joy

The Apostle Paul writes to a Church facing deaths in their family, persecution from pagans and confusion over Christ’s return. Especially in regard to loved ones that have died already. His reply is one of the smallest verses in the Bible, yet one that points to a powerful reminder – ‘pray continually’. Christ’s life was drenched in prayer. He prayed each morning for hours, He prayed all night when facing difficult decisions. He prayed till His sweat felt like blood at facing the trial of the cross. If He is the example and all powerful how much more do we His followers need to pray? The Apostle Peter speaks of praying and falling into a trance, at which he sees a vision. The early church met in their homes and prayed for hours, daily. Connection with God comes through prayer.

But three minute prayers of “Hello God, Here are my wants, Good Bye God’ are not synonymous with a truly spiritual life. Day to day our inner thoughts are spent in worry, often complaint and on fruitless wastes of energy. Spending time in prayer, an hour a day, perhaps early in the morning , can bring a deep sense of peace. The time spent trains our patience, learning to be  calm and not anxious. Relying on God to solve the problems and not our little muscles. Which tire so easily.
Rather than wasting your God given time on anxious thoughts, learn to talk with God – all the time. The continual presence of God as coined by Brother Lawrence. When Paul states pray continually he means turn your thoughts to God, His Word and His peace. Giving thanks (Phil 4:6-7) in prayer thus bringing God’s supernatural peace unto the soul. Sorry but you wont experience such with 3 min prayers. Pray – Continually.