Blessed are the Peacemakers – Mt 5:9

Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called sons of God
(Matthew 5:9)

Martin Luther King Jnr

It’s quite a title to live up to – ‘Sons of God’. The mind may initially conjure images of the sculpted Greek Adonis or a winged Arch Angel soaring in glory. However, the precursor to being a son of God, is a peacemaker. Not a conqueror, not a victorious hoard of Christian warriors, not even a charismatic leader stirring the masses into an emotional frenzy. No, simply a peace maker.

Christians like Martin Luther King Jr, staging peaceful protests even in the path of violent persecution, proclaiming the rights for his race. Eventually being martyred; for stating “I have a dream”.

Christians such as William Willberforce suffering personal illness, stress and rebuttal for decades until slavery laws were reversed. William Carey working  with India’s Governor-General to help put a stop to the practices of infant sacrifice and suttee during the early 18th century.

True Christians are synonymous in bringing peace.  The list is endless as ‘Sons of God’ became true peacemakers. The model for us is the ultimate Prince of Peace himself – Christ. Who rejected all forms of violence, taught turn the other cheek even unto the violent and show love not only to your brother, no, also to your enemy. So that you too may be sons of your Father in heaven (Mt – 5:45).

Do you bring peace? Do you calm arguments? Do you stand up for what is right but in a peaceful manner? Being a son of God is about being a peacemaker. It’s not quite as glorious as a conquering evangelist. However, its impact and legacy far outreaches the loud and flamboyant.

Seek the example of the peacemakers, and then indeed you will be a son of your Father in Heaven.