Mount Pleasant Baptist Church Inc

What is the heart of Mt Pleasant Baptist Church?  Why do we exist?

Mount Pleasant Baptist Church

In Bob Clarke’s preface to Unity through diversity (2009), he wrote, ‘From its earliest days there was a desire to shape a church that differed from … those … that tended more to legalism … [This] new congregation wanted to experience the meaning of Paul’s words, “For freedom Christ has set us free” (Gal 5:1).’ His comment encapsulates what has been for over fifty years, the ethos of our church; one of grace and reconciliation.

With this in mind, our mission statement, ‘Following Jesus, permeating society, transforming lives … together’, may be understood as follows:

  • ‘Following Jesus’: As a church we seek to constantly proclaim, through word and song, Christ and his saving work on the cross, believing that initial and growing relationship with Jesus are supreme objectives.
  • ‘Permeating society’: Reconciliation in Christ extends to the whole world through believers who permeate society in their normal day to day lives so that we think less and less in terms of programs to achieve ministry goals, and more of each person fulfilling his or her calling.
  • ‘Transforming lives’: We aim to work at all times in cooperation with the Spirit who is always reconciling creation and glorifying Jesus. Consequently, we aim to constantly pray for and allow, to the fullest extent possible, the Spirit to work in our midst and through our members.
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Address: Church Office: 3A Pitt Way, Booragoon 6154, Perth, Western Australia