Job 39:19-20 The Horses’ Strength

“Do you give the horse his strength or clothe his neck with a flowing mane?” (Job 39:19-20).

The Horses' Strength

When we gaze upon something as majestic as a white stallion we are in-awed of his strength and beauty. Indeed a fully trained police horse fears little or nothing. It’s strength is to be respected, its power unequalled. Little can match its courage. Where does this all come from?

The power, the flowing mane,  sweeping tail, sinewed muscles and sleek lines? The prancing canter or thundering gallop? A creature abounding with intelligence and yet capable of love. When we open our eyes;  the beauty, might and awesomeness of God is seen in His creation. To disregard such intricate attention to detail as ‘chance’ is to confess our-self a fool (Rom 1:20-22).
The grand design is far loftier than our scientific laboratories can ever reproduce. Therefore, we arrogantly propose it as no design at all – no intelligence was involved! No thought to its aesthetic beauty, no reason for its might or contemplation to its purpose. Our inadequacy to replicate such leaves us in despair. We are incapable of creating life out of nothing. We are unable to give the horse its strength nor can we wilfully clothe his neck. Put simply, we cannot even make one hair white or black (Matt 5:36).
Where does the horses’ strength come from? From God – where else?