Hollow Philosophy – Col 2:8

See to it that no one takes you captive through hollow and deceptive philosophy, which depends on human tradition and the basic principles of this world rather than on Christ – Col 2:8

How did the Apostle Paul change from being a violent Pharisee to a tender hearted Christian; turning the cheek in all instances? What made John Newton transform from a life of mass murder, serial rape and slavery to write the world’s most beloved hymn “Amazing Grace?”. Indeed what compelled the wealthy aristocrat Francis of Assisi alter his direction and take a vow of poverty that would ultimately launch a Holy order that still exists seven hundred years later?

Sigmond Freud

One proposition that does not fit for these seemingly miraculous transformations is Psychology. The confessing atheist Sigmond Freud was not even born. Modern psychology was yet to ‘enlighten’  mankind. Yet metamorphosis, without the need of a psychiatrist or psychologist, occurred continually. The gospel of Christ was sufficient. It still is.

Across the earth, millions of lives are continually transformed through the simple message of Christ crucified and raised. The life giving Spirit which follows instigating a process of sanctification which is a mystery alluding even the best of Psychologists.Hundreds of Millions of human beings will never hear of Carl Jung or René Descartes. Yet by the gospel of Jesus Christ they overcome mental disorder, obsessive behaviour or addictive natures. Human beings in China, Cambodia, Africa, South America, the Philippines. All over the world, indeed this very writer, were all transformed by Christ – nothing else. Sadly in the west, it seems our voice is less trusted than the wisdom of psychologists or philosophy. Man made ideologies that are now superior in their wisdom. Paul knew otherwise. For the wisdom of this world is foolishness in God’s sight (1 Cor 3:19).

In Colossi a love for Greek Philosophy was infiltrating the young church. Alternate ideas ranging from astrology to Jewish folklore, trusting guardian angels, special celebrations, in fact anything but Christ Jesus was superior and secret knowledge for the ‘in crowd’. Gnosticism birthed from such mentality. Paul is quick to inform the church of the value of such ‘wisdom’. It is worthless.

Man made philosophy is just that – man made. Sigmund Freud lived a life of depression, actively advocated the use of Cocaine and begged for assisted suicide at the end of his miserable existence. So much for the father of modern psychology.

Do not be taken captive by new age thinking or new concepts that now supersede Christ. Man can now do it better than God? He is wiser, stronger, more informed? His internal ‘invisible’ qualities are all known to him now? He has discovered his inner child and his inner parent. No wonder personality disorders eventuate with so many ‘inners’ within!

Christ is as sufficient today as He was yesterday and He will be tomorrow also. He can transform the murdering rapist or the alcoholic degenerate. He can even transform the Doubting Thomas trusting psychology above God. The principles of this world and its traditions are counterproductive to supernatural faith.

Don’t become captive to them. Advocating Euthanasia as part of your treatment will find you in the same arena as such greats as Sigmond Freud. If that is the contentment that modern psychology affords us – you can keep it. I’ll stick with Christ and look contently ‘foolish’ to the eyes of the world. I trust my reward will additionally be eternal, heavenly and wise. Rather than temporary, earthly and hollow.