Godly Devotion – Ezra 7:9-10

For the Gracious hand of God was on him. For Ezra had devoted himself to the study and observance of the Law of the Lord, and to teaching its decrees and laws in Israel (Ezra 7:9-10).

The Word

Does God bless you if you read the Bible? Does God want you to read the Bible? Does God care if you do not read the Bible? How much should you read, a verse, a chapter, a book a day? Ever pondered these questions and wondered the answers? The Bible itself answers them for you. Here are five Biblical reasons why you should read more rather than less – much more:

  1. Christ tells us it is more important than food (even if you have just gone forty days without food, the Bible is still more important) Matthew 4
  2. The Longest Psalm of the entire Bible, Psalm 119, is dedicated to telling us to read the Bible day and night (vs. 119:97). In fact the entire 176 verses conclude with “I have not forgotten your commands” – The greatest missionary to step foot in Africa, David Livingstone, memorised Psalm 119 before he was fourteen – all of it.
  3. The very first Psalm says in the second verse – if you read day and night – yes you will be blessed. Even when there is a drought, you will be fruitful if you meditate day and night on God’s Word (Psalm 1:2).
  4. The greatest warrior of the Bible, Joshua, who was undefeated in every battle, is told – meditate day and night on God’s Word and you will prosper (Joshua – 1:8). It seems Joshua heeded the advice. There was never a military commander like him, not even King David came close to Joshua’s success and ultimately his obedience. Joshua shares the same name as Jesus.
  5. And last but far from least, Ezra. We are told specifically he dedicated himself to the Word. Total devotion. Not five minute devotions in the morning before breakfast. No, day and night. What happened? Blessed – in everything. God’s hand on him. He travelled across great distances to reach Jerusalem, through bandit infested ancient lands, not a hair on his head harmed. Blessed.

Ezra studied God’s Word, meditated on it, taught it, observed it, he lived, breathed and ate it. Day and night. For this reason alone – God’s hand was on him.

Jesus offers the same. He is the Word. Spirit and Word. The foundation under your feet is Matthew 5-7. If you do not even know it, where is your foundation? Where is your heart focussed?

Investigate the pillars of the faith. George Muellor (the apostle of faith) read the Bible 200 times. God blessed him with the equivalent of 90 million dollars for his ministry to orphans. The first Christians (Acts 2:42) saw miracles and God’s blessings daily. They did, however, devote themselves everyday to God’s Word. The first thing God told Saint Augustine to do was read the Bible. “Take up and read” was the cry of the Spirit to him. He was wise enough to finally obey.

Angels long to peer into what we have the privilege to read. God offers His blessing to those that dedicate themselves to it. It is not only for pastors, priests and nuns. It is for all. Abraham Lincoln read the whole Bible in six weeks. He is still remembered as one of the most insightful and influential of all the American Presidents.

Scripture tells us, Jesus tells us, the prophets tell us, the history makers tell us, God tells us.

Devote yourself to God’s Word. Day and Night. You will be blessed.