Drive out the Mocker – Proverb 22:10

Drive out the mocker and out goes strife; Quarrels and insults are ended. Proverb 22:10


We live in a world where ridiculing or mocking others is common practice. Making ‘fun’ of people is part of western culture. ‘It is harmless’, ‘we are just joking’, ‘do not be so sensitive’ is the typical defence we hear. Sadly whether confessing believer or not, the culture of mocking is rampant.

Once whilst serving in Cambodia myself and some other  young Christians had a game of volleyball against the locals. Every time the western team won a shot, they put on a disgusting display of mockery. High fives and shouts of ‘in your face’. To my older eyes they seemed immature. Television antics  had educated them rather than the Bible. As they proceeded to mock, I felt embarrassed for the humble Cambodians who continued to smile as they lost.

Thankfully God intervened.

I felt a shift in the Spirit and all of a sudden one of the Cambodians became an Olympic champion volleyball player. He was unstoppable. He proceeded to ‘pound’ the western team. Blocking every shot, spiking and drilling them into the ground. Whilst he did this, he repeated all of the mocking the westerners had previously said to him. “In your Face”, “Where were you”, “You know it” etc etc. The westerner’s tempers were boiling. I knew exactly what God was doing. He was giving them a taste of their own medicine. Far from sportsmanship or even displaying Christian qualities the western Christians had conducted themselves as nothing short of a bunch of mockers.

Turning to the team I told them what God was doing. Stop insulting and start being sportsmen. Rather than spoilt brats. They had enough wisdom to listen to the advice. Instead of mocking they started to encourage – including their opponents. As they did this they began to win again. One of the team members said to me -” I will never forget this“. The Cambodian’s Olympic skills also subsided and his nature returned to placid and humble. The entire lesson was stark and surreal.

God does not like mockery. Neither does the person you are mocking. Even when in jest – it hurts.

The next time you are about to mock someone, stop and think. Is this encouraging them? Am I living as the Bible says – to not let anything unwholesome come out of my mouth but only what builds each other up (Eph 4:29)? Or am I inadvertently mocking someone to gain a laugh – at their expense? Get ready for quarrels and reciprocal insults when you do. And you will deserve them.

If you would rather peace – then drive the mocker out of you. That part is hell bound. The mocker won’t be entering heaven (Isaiah 29:20).