Don’t be Anxious – 1 Peter 5:7

Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you” 1 Peter 5:7

The Apostle Peter, like Paul, was no stranger to suffering. In their proclamation of the gospel they were whipped severely, stripped of their belongings, thrown into jail, beaten, insulted and falsely accused of evil. Jesus himself had prophesied all this would happen to His followers (Mt 5:11). As Peter seeks to console the chosen of God, scattered throughout the region, he is aware of their sufferings and persecutions. He seeks to first encourage, and then reminds them that it is not strange to suffer for doing what is right. He calls them to holy living and concludes with a message of maintaining humility whilst casting all anxiety on God.

Peter is additionally sensitive to believers becoming proud of God’s concern and protection over them. Here they would find themselves opposed by God (1 Peter 5:5). Simultaneously they are to resist the Devil himself, whilst facing persecution, and stand firm in the faith. One wonders if this is meant as encouragement or to induce further worry!

Pray instead of worrying

Thankfully, Christ, Paul and Peter show the way to achieve all this – Be clear minded, self controlled and pray (1 Peter 4:7). Only God can help us live a life void of anxiousness, unburdened from worry. This is attained through the supernatural peace that Paul speaks of in the epistle to the Philippians (Phil 4:6). It is supported by the confronting imperative of Christ telling us ‘Do not worry about your life’ (Mt 6:25).  To achieve  it – PRAY.

The more we pray, taking the time to rest in Christ, and contemplate our eternal salvation (the big picture) The less worrisome our pressures become. Our minds clear, answers often come to us and even if they do not, God’s peace affords us a calm demeanour to deal with our problems. The Joshuas, Pauls, Peters, Mother Teresas, Hudson Taylors, David Livingstons and Billy Grahams of the world all share one common trait. They were people of prayer. In prayer we connect with God through Jesus.

Pray longer, close your eyes, set an alarm, sit for thirty minutes (or more) and listen. Relax, take three deep breaths, don’t babble on like a pagan (Mt 6). Instead, let God’s Holy Spirit exchange your anxiousness for His Peace. Be still, wait on the Lord. Quick to listen and slow to speak also applies to prayer. God cares for you, pass your anxiousness to Him.