Bible Society Australia

The Bible Society exists to put the Bible into people’s hands…

Bible Society

This means that every effort is made to raise funds in order that we might produce Scripture in a language that is understood, in a format that is acceptable, at a price that is affordable.
Come on board and join us in our mission to reach the world with the Bible!

We work with many different groups and churches all over the world getting the Word of God to people in written, audio and visual forms. We raise money to translate the Bible into people’s own language, to teach people to read the Bible for themselves, and to give Bibles away. We encourage people like you to read the Bible for yourself and find out what God is really all about!

In short, The Bible Society’s mission is to provide the Word of God to all people, in their own language, in a format they can use and at a price they can afford.

Phone:  (02) 9829 9090
Address: 30 York Road, Ingleburn 2565