The Christian Network (TCN) has been developed with two main goals, one is to make available a sophisticated web based magazine that allows all Christians to access information acceptable to all denominations, with an aim to reinforce the message that we are all a part of the same family regardless of our denomination (Rom. 12:5).

The second goal is to provide international, national but most importantly local content and information. We publish weekly sermons and stories from prominent Western Australian Christian leaders, allowing local Christians to feel a part and a sense of belonging to a larger online community they can connect with.

TCN contains Christian Testimony (both written and video) all verified and confirmed with the actual testimony provider (no anonymous testimonies are published). Thus it facilitates the opportunity to evangelise through people hearing the good news of Christ – direct from those who have come to faith (Rev 12:11).

contains some of the greatest sermons given throughout history. From Charles Spurgeon to John Piper or local prominent leaders such as Dr John Bond. Each sermon has been thoughtfully and prayfully chosen to invoke and challenge our audience.

Daily devotions are fed to the site from numerous parties, including Razi Zacharias, Oswald Chambers and Chuck Swindoll. In addition our own theologically trained editorial team write devotions exclusively for TCN. These allow interaction through comments. For worship we have included a round up of some of the most inspiring Christian Music. Contemporary to classical. Whether excerpts of Handel’s Messiah, Jesus Culture or LeAnn Rimes singing Amazing Grace a cappella, we have carefully chosen the best of the best. Allowing you to simply listen, watch and enjoy.


TCN has a distinguished group of local blog writers. Christians with a diverse set of skills and a wealth of experience. Some of our contibutors include:

  • Dr Lachlan Dunjey (Medical)
  • Dr Charles Slack (Psychology)
  • Dr Niles Reddick (Psychology/English)
  • Laurence Houghton Phd Sports Science
  • Ray Moran (Politics)
  • Br Andrew Beel (Cross Cultural Mission)

Finally TCN offers an extensive directory of local churches and Christian missions. Each have their own image, biography and contact details. TCN is your one-stop-shop for Christian organisations. It allows you to literally see how large God’s world is – locally and internationally.

Our hope is that TCN inspires you to become more involved with the Kingdom of God. Our prayer is that TCN brings many to faith through solid testimony and encourages and informs the body of Christ through sound teaching.

Welcome to Your Christian Network. Bookmark us and please let others know of the site.

God bless you,

Mike Ford,
General Manager
The Christian Network