A New Dark Age

The life of the unborn child.

Even for those who don’t consider that the unborn child is a person until it is born there are humanitarian reasons for strong objection to the Victorian law. A baby can be legally aborted right through to term basically for any reason by any method with the approval of just the abortionist and one other doctor. Reasons include cleft lip or any other relatively trivial reason that the mother decides. Methods even include evacuation of the baby’s brain in order to collapse the head so it can be delivered through an undilated cervix or pulling the baby apart at 18 weeks. There is no provision for anaesthetic for the baby even in late term. No animal activist would allow such horrors for any other creature but if it’s human they ignore the terrible cruelty in the name of woman’s choice.

But there’s also the issue of personhood and how we define this and apply it in our society. Lia in her YouTube video “are the unborn persons?” http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3ffs9j9snfE expresses this extremely well. Please watch.

Compulsion by the state.


Even if you personally do not believe that the legalisation of abortion by any method, for any reason, through to term is not an evil law, you must at least consider whether compulsion of a noble profession sworn to do no harm is in itself evil. The possible extension is alarming – doctors may be compelled by law to participate in euthanasia for the defective or others that may be considered less than persons or even on reaching a certain age. Of all professions the medical profession must never be forced to abandon its ethics.

But please consider – we have been here before…

Out of the horrors of Nazi Germany with its corrupt medical profession and re-defining of persons to exclude the unborn, the defective and disabled, and of course different races, came the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in 1948 when intelligent minds of various countries got together to formulate something that would help ensure that the atrocities and views and beliefs that came out of Nazism would never be repeated…would never be repeated. Implicit in this are the rights of the unborn child and clarified by the preamble to the UN Declaration of the Rights of the Child that spells out the rights of the child before and after birth.


Also clearly spelt out are the rights of conscience and belief and being able to live according to our conscience and belief.

Let these words echo …would never be repeated.

And so, what have we done?

We have trashed the rights of the unborn child. We have treated it worse that any other animal. We execute it without anaesthetic by tearing it to bits (and then putting the legs and arms together again to make sure it has all come out) or burning it with saline (see Gianna Jessen) or piercing the nape of the neck with scissors and scrambling the brain and then sucking it out. And we call this woman’s rights.

And we have once again trashed medical ethics and overruled conscience.

We are entering a new dark age. Can we remain silent? What is it that we don’t get? What charge will be laid against us because we have failed to be watchmen?