The Word of the Lord is flawless – 2 Sam 22:31

As for God, his way is perfect; the word of the Lord is flawless.He is a shield for all who take refugee in him. 2 Sam 22:31


Frank Gaebelein (1992) writes of this verse, “The Lord, whose “word” is “flawless” in the sense that like precious metals in a refiner’s furnace it has been “tested” to the point of proving its purity (Ps 119:140), is a “shield” who protects all who “take refuge” in him.

Often we can experience the critical debate over the Bible’s authenticity. This discussion is not exclusive to atheist paradigms. Controversy reigns between Christians also. The Doubting Thomas can come in the form of a university professor just as easily as the unlearned. Yet often the greatest of faith comes from where we least expect it (Matthew 8:5-13). The conversation with a Roman Centurion, uncovers an outsider who possesses a sincere faith. One that outshines all of Israel’s leadership. He is commended by Jesus Christ for it.

Whilst studying at Bible seminary a particular lecturer rebuked me for my belief in a literal explanation concerning the flood of Noah and the subsequent rainbow. His own interpretation of such was scientific phenomenon whilst I opted for God’s covenant. I was met with a condescending jibe at my “Sunday school mentality”. I refrained from mentioning I never went to Sunday school.

We have two choices when we approach God’s Word. Believe it or not. James (1:6) refers to the doubters as ‘waves of the sea blown and tossed by the wind’. In other words, never headed in one direction, rather forever changing their minds.

In this verse David has chosen his direction. However his decision was not reached lightly. He has witnessed, through testing, God’s Word proving its reliability. Through David’s trials, temptations, sufferings and sins, it is God who has remained perfect and so to His Word. As David contemplates his life he clearly sees how God has intervened and protected him. Taught him serious lessons, disciplined and guided him toward the true path of righteousness.

David realizes…. this God is perfect. He does no wrong, His ways are above ours. He is blameless, flawless and without blemish.

Whilst culture unceasingly adapts, in decades not centuries, whilst man made philosophies change like the seasons, God’s Word is a constant which remains flawless and a shield for those who trust in it.

Adversity always comes, however, it is then that the Word proves itself. In the tough times not only the good.

David learnt this – have you?